Funky Lands Vape Flavors

Select from Funky Lands exceptional range of flavors that you're sure to adore!


  1. Rainbow Cloudz - Dive into a misty mix of refreshing flavors reminiscent of your favorite fruity drink.
  2. Tropical Delight - Get whisked away to a beachside bar with this tropical concoction of bright and exotic flavors.
  3. Watermelon Delight - A hydrating burst of watermelon juiciness, reminding you of your favorite summer refresher.



  1. Berry Mix - A harmonious blend of the season's best berries creating a symphony in your mouth.
  2. Triple Berry Ice - A trinity of berries served with a chilling sensation to invigorate your senses.
  3. Berry Peach Blossom - The tang of fresh berries meets the soft sweetness of peach, evoking memories of summer orchards.
  4. Mango Gami - Succumb to the tropical allure of ripe, juicy mangoes with a playful twist.
  5. Starfruit Green Kiwi - A rare blend of starfruit's subtle sweetness combined with the zesty tang of green kiwi.
  6. Pineapple Strawnana - Dive into a tropical blend of juicy pineapples mixed with the soft sweetness of strawberries and bananas.
  7. Apple Watermelon - Crisp apple meets juicy watermelon, delivering a fruit-filled punch.
  8. Berry Passion Grape - Intense berry flavors are perfectly balanced by the rich taste of grapes.
  9. California Cherry - Taste the sun-kissed sweetness of Californian cherries in every puff.
  10. Cantaloupe Apple - A refreshing fusion of sweet cantaloupe and crisp apple, like a summer fruit salad.
  11. Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime - A tantalizing trio that brings the zing of lime to the tropical duo of passion fruit and kiwi.
  12. Peach Mango Watermelon - A triple treat that blends the warmth of peach, the tropical allure of mango, and the refreshing splash of watermelon.
  13. Strawberry Banana - The classic duo that brings together the tangy flavor of strawberries and the creamy sweetness of bananas.
  14. Super Berry - A powerful punch of the most loved berries, offering a mouthwatering experience.
  15. Tropical Island - Get a taste of paradise with an array of tropical fruits coming together in a harmonious blend.
  16. Mixed Fruit - A delightful medley of seasonal fruits, making every puff a new discovery.
  17. Mango Kiss - The rich and luscious flavor of ripe mangoes that lingers sweetly on your tongue.
  18. Blueberry Duo Ice - Double the delight with the twin flavors of blueberries served on a bed of ice.
  19. Strawberry Duo Ice - Enjoy a double dose of strawberry freshness with an icy undertone.
  20. Watermelon Nana Duo Ice - Dive into the combined juiciness of watermelon and banana with a refreshing icy twist.



  1. Mountain Ice - Experience a frosty peak of refreshing chill with every breath.
  2. Miami Mint - Dive into a wave of cooling mint, reminiscent of Miami's breezy beaches.
  3. Blossom Mint - Experience the delicate floral notes dancing with cool mint in this refreshing blend.
  4. Blue Red Mint - A captivating mixture of bold and refreshing mint tones.
  5. OSK Ice - A mysterious minty blend that offers a burst of chilling refreshment.
  6. Ice Mint - Pure icy freshness, like a brisk winter morning.
  7. Melon Berry Bomb Ice - An explosion of sweet melons and tangy berries with a touch of icy coolness.



  1. Watermelon Bubble Gum - Relive your childhood memories with the sweet taste of watermelon-flavored bubble gum.
  2. Rinbo - A magical blend reminiscent of your favorite candy store treats.
  3. Peach Pie - Indulge in the warm flavors of a freshly baked peach pie.
  4. Pink Bomb - Explode your senses with a sweet and mysterious dessert concoction.
  5. Pomelo Pearl Grape - The exotic taste of pomelo combined with the richness of grapes offers a dessert-like luxury.